Join our Sales Team!

We are looking for talented people


As a part of our Sales Team, you will have the chance meet customers and go to events all around the world.

Meeting new people

You will be speaking to different kinds of people, scattered all around the world and working for various companies.

Selling our data

Most of our data you will sell to customers are gathered in-house. You will be working right next to the people creating the product you will sell. A unique feeling.

What are the recruitment steps for a position in our sales team?

In order for us to determine if you are the right fit for us, we would like you to go through our recruitment process. You will need to submit your CV and a Cover Letter, then you will go through an assessment, after which you will be evaluated and, hopefully, invited to two interviews. Some of the steps may vary, but we'll inform you directly if anything changes. We sincerely want to give you the opportunity to present yourself in your best light and get to know you better.


    In addition to the CV we want you to write a cover letter explaining why you want to work for us, why you think it’s fascinating working in the aviation industry, why you think it’s interesting being a part of our sales team. If you are already an avgeek you can tell us that in your cover letter. If you are completely new to aviation then don’t worry, you will be loving it as soon as you start with us😊


    You will have to go through an assessment because we want want to test your skills in Microsoft word and excel, as well as your ability to write in English. It is beneficial to have a LinkedIn profile for this task. The assessment will last one hour and will be done remotely.


    In the first interview, we want to get to know you better in order to see how you would fit into the sales team. Make sure you know how to describe the core business of ch-aviation in your own words. It will last thirty minutes and will be done remotely.


    This interview, unlike the first one, will be more focused on the competencies needed for the sales position. You will be given different scenarios which could occur in this sales position in order for us to see how you would approach it. This interview will last one hour and is prefered to be in person at our Zagreb office.