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Accurate data and news on the airline industry since 1998.

About ch-aviation

Who are we?

We are ch-aviation. A Swiss company that specialises in accurate data and news on the airline industry. ch-aviation was founded in 1998 in Chur, Switzerland, and has grown significantly since then. 

What do we value?

We have always valued independence, proactiveness, passion for aviation, and motivated individuals looking to join a team where they can continuously grow. 

What do we actually do?

Once we collect and verify the data connected to the aviation industry, we present it in our online database.

  • For example: if an airline lessor wants to see which aircraft have been delivered to airlines in Asia in the last month, we can supply them with the exact information.

We provide accurate data to airlines, airports, lessors, manufacturers, and many more. Our Newsdesk, provides actionable news related to the aviation industry, which helps businesses make strategic decisions and stay up to date. 

Read more about us here.

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Our departments

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Our Data Researchers are the heart and soul of our company. They are divided into five teams: Airlines, AirOps, Assets, Fleets and QA. The data teams are based in Zagreb, Croatia and Belgrade, Serbia. They fuel the company with unique and rare data about aviation.


Our Sales team supports customers from all around the world. We have people working in the Sales department in both, Zagreb, Croatia and Belgrade, Serbia. They are divided into Business Development Executives, Account Executives and Customer Support Executives.


Our News team publishes accurate and up-to-date articles about the aviation industry. They work remotely from seven different countries and we have one News Aggregator in our office in Zagreb, Croatia.


Thanks to our Development team, we can run our processes and programs as smoothly as possible. They are working from Croatia, Serbia, Germany and Thailand.


Our Marketing team makes sure that our message gets to the right eyes. They are located in our office in Zagreb, Croatia.


Our Administration has the task of holding all the ties within the company together. It is divided into Finance and HR.


Benefits of working at ch-aviation

Education and training

We cover the basics during an onboarding period with the help of our Basic Course Academy. The Basic Course provides you with all the essentials to work with us. You name it, we teach it. This includes Excel, History of Aviation, etc. And if you are on the management track, you will become a part of our Top Gun Academy.

Dive into aviation

The aviation industry is very complex. If you already know a lot about it, you will have the chance to dive even deeper. You will be an expert faster than you know if you are new to it. One thing is for sure - you will be passionate about aviation and look at the sky a lot differently.

Growth opportunities

As a growing company, we provide an environment where you will develop your skills and knowledge further. You will have regular one-on-one meetings with your manager, who will support you in reaching your professional goals.


We like to work together, openly share our ideas and speak up - it doesn't matter if you are talking to your colleague or manager. We have a seat for you if you value flexibility, independence and thinking outside the box.


We know that not everyone is a morning person, so we have flexible working hours. Our colleagues working from Zagreb and Belgrade office also have a work from home option, as soon as they are independent in their work.

International company

As we are operating internationally, you will interact with your colleagues and customers from all around the world, gather new experiences, get to know new people, and improve your English.


Stay with us long enough and you will be able to go for a workcation to a distant remote location (this year, some of our employees went to Thailand for a week!)

4-day work week

If you would like to have more free time and longer weekends, instead of working full time 5 days a week, you can choose 4-day work week.

Recruitment Process

We are hiring!

If you are interested in joining our company,

  • Take a look at our current openings below:

No matter what position you apply for, here is the information that is applicable across all the departments:

  • Include your cover letter

    We know that it’s not easy to apply for different jobs and that cover letters take a lot of time BUT we DO read them!

    We need to understand your motivation for applying so here are some tips (quality over quantity 😊):

    • Mention any connection to aviation you might have.
    • Offer us insight into your reasons for applying specifically with us and the department you chose.

  • Be ready for the assessment

    Every department has a specific assessment. They are all time-limited.

    For the departments we have in Zagreb and Belgrade (Data, Sales&Marketing, Administration), the assessments are done on-site (at our office). Assessments are also done remotely for our departments that work remotely (News).

  • "Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?"

    After you do well in the assessment, someone from our HR  team and the Hiring Manager (your future manager) will set up a call to get to know you better. The first interview usually lasts for 30 minutes.

    It is helpful if you read about us here and if you can tell us, in your own words, what you think we do. and how you fit in. 😊

  • Second interview

    This is usually the last step in the recruitment process. We give you examples of situations that might occur in your future position to see if you have any experience with them or know how you would handle them.